Fonté Coffee isn't merely a favourite among individuals in search of a remarkable coffee experience; it has also emerged as the preferred choice for commercial enterprises dedicated to providing their patrons with nothing but the finest. From hotels and bars to food trucks, hairdressers, and office hubs, Fonté Coffee has established itself as a synonym for excellence in the commercial arena.

Within the hospitality industry, where exceptional service is paramount, Fonté Coffee shines as a purveyor of unparalleled coffee experiences. Hotels and resorts that proudly serve Fonté Coffee understand the significance of commencing the day on the right note for their guests. The rich and velvety flavours of Fonté's meticulously crafted blends form a decadent morning ritual that leaves an enduring impression.

Bars and cafes, striving to curate an exceptional beverage selection, turn to Fonté Coffee to elevate their offerings. Fonté's unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest coffee beans ensures that each guest savours a genuinely exceptional cup of coffee, whether it's a classic espresso or a creatively concocted speciality drink. The outcome is a beverage menu that captivates and delights patrons, encouraging their return for more. Additionally, we offer leasing options to cater to your specific needs.

Should you wish to discuss stocking Fonté Coffee, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members today by sending an email to One of our dedicated sales representatives will promptly get in touch with you, offering the support and information you require.

  • Dave - Purchasing Manager G Hotel

    First and foremost the product Fonté Coffee supply is second to none.

    Fonté get top marks from us from a customer satisfaction point of view as we get compliments every day from our guests regarding the exceptional quality of the coffee both during breakfast in restaurant Geo and throughout the day in any of our signature lounges.
    We know the team at Fonté are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality beans so in turn that allows us to be super confident in the product we can provide to our guests here in The g Hotel & Spa.
    Fonté Coffees Customer Service is fantastic, there’s always someone there to take your call. Great training provided too whenever it’s needed.
    Ordering is simple and you can be completely confident that your order will be delivered on time.
  • Fran - GM House Hotel Galway

    We love it as much as our customer!

    The team at Fonté is not just a supplier but a partner in our success. Their responsive and knowledgeable customer support team is always ready to address any queries or concerns, ensuring that we are supported, but where they really excel, is in their ability to deliver a quality of bean that produces a quality full bodied coffee, that we and our customers simply love! 

  • Patrick - GM The Hardiman Galway

    Unparalleled Coffee Quality

    Our business is relatively simple, for most of our customers it’s about providing an exceptional and consistent service that for many of our guests is evaluated on providing a good night’s sleep, a hot shower and a great cup of coffee.
    Over the years, we have come to appreciate the unwavering consistency in the quality of coffee beans from Fonté. This reliability and the quality of their product has contributed significantly to our customer loyalty and satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction is evident in every cup of coffee we serve.
    We wholeheartedly recommend Fonté to anyone seeking a reliable and exceptional coffee supplier.  We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership and brewing excellence together for years to come.
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