Wholesale for Hospitality

At Fonté Coffee Ireland, we are passionate about delivering the finest coffee experience. Whether you own a café, manage a hotel, or require wholesale coffee supplies, we have the expertise and quality products to meet your needs. Our commitment to excellence starts with sourcing premium beans and continues with the skills of our highly-trained master roasters. With batch artisan hand roasting, we can adjust to the nuances of each coffee's condition and character, ensuring a consistently exceptional cup every time. Plus, as proud partners of La Marzocco, the best coffee machines in the world, we combine our exceptional beans with cutting-edge technology to create a coffee experience like no other.


Our Hotel Partnerships

Fonté Coffee Ireland is proud to be the coffee of choice for prestigious hotels across Ireland. Some of our esteemed hotel partners include:

  • The g Hotel, Galway
  • The Hardiman, Galway
  • Hotel Woodstock, Ennis
  • Shoreline Hotel, Dublin
  • The House Hotel, Galway
  • Coast Rosslare Strand, Wexford

These exceptional hotels, in partnership with La Marzocco machines, offer guests an unparalleled coffee experience that enhances their stay.


Quality Beans

We believe that an excellent cup of coffee begins with the finest beans. Our team meticulously selects high-quality, ethically-sourced beans from renowned coffee-growing regions worldwide. When paired with the precision and craftsmanship of La Marzocco machines, the result is a truly remarkable coffee experience.

Expert Roasting

With our experienced master roasters, we have perfected the art of roasting. They skillfully bring out the unique flavors and aromas of each coffee, resulting in a rich and satisfying brew. When combined with the advanced technology of La Marzocco machines, every sip becomes a celebration of flavor and precision.


To ensure the freshest coffee possible, we have developed a signature roast-to-order program. Your coffee will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting, sealed in innovative packaging with one-way freshness valves, preserving its optimal flavor until it reaches your doorstep. With the support of La Marzocco machines, we guarantee a coffee experience that is unrivaled in freshness and taste.

Bulk Ordering

Whether you require large quantities of coffee for your establishment or events, our bulk ordering options make it convenient and cost-effective to meet your demand without compromising on quality. Combined with the reliability and performance of La Marzocco machines, we ensure a seamless supply of exceptional coffee that will impress even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Café Servicing

If you are opening your own café or managing an existing one, we offer comprehensive café servicing, including equipment maintenance, barista training, and ongoing support. Our partnership with La Marzocco allows us to provide you with top-of-the-line coffee machines, ensuring your café delivers an unforgettable coffee experience to your customers.

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